The 2022 Collection

They Flipped the Punks.
We Flip Art. Just As It Goes Into The Public Domain.

No Roadmap, No Rarity Traits, No Promises.
You Probably Shouldn't Buy This Collection.

Very Conceptual

Zero Rights Granted

Mirrored for utmost nuance

Try To DMCA Us Bitch™️

Pictured Work: yolE oiraM - doohruobhgien eht ni recnaD

Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image

Jesus Christ What Am I Doing With My Life.

These visibly excited art lovers have just heard about PHUBLIC DOMAIN: The 2022 Collection.

They can't take the fact that someone else came up with this really stupid idea before them.

So now they're buying the collection on OpenSea. You totally should get out of their way.

(This is called reverse psychology).

How It Works

One more time for the normies.

We Take 8 of the Non-Shittiest Artworks To Enter The Public Domain on January 1 2022.

Portrait of Marjorie Coldwell - Frank Weston Benson

Then We Flip That Shit.

Using Our Proprietory Flipping Algorithm™️ that took years to fine-tune.

Voila! This is what you're paying the big bucks for!

nosneB notseW knarF - llewdloC eirojraM fo tiartroP

Pricing - Hurry Someone May Actually Like This Project

First 4 Pieces

0.02022 ETH

This capitalism stuff isn't working for everyone
So some pieces are priced at 0.02022 ETH
You are all equal in my eyes
The Rest

0.2022 ETH

Literally no additionally benefits
I just have to pay rent and 0.02022 ETH won't do it
Ok let's see what else
A Happy Ending
Kidding we can't afford that (yet)

Join (probably)* the most epic drop on OpenSea.

*Our really square lawyer tells us that due to "Puffery" law we need to add this word. Which is bullshit because you can just take our word for it this is the best drop on OpenSea there will ever be.

This website and the PHUBLIC DOMAIN collection are proudly under CC0 to enable easy theft.

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